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Our Story

Language Penguin Founding Couple
Sarah Holmes - Educator, Mom, Language Learner
Michael Holmes - Graphic Designer, Dad, Illustrator 

My name is Sarah Holmes, and my passion has always been learning languages.

(I am currently fluent in six). 

Years ago I decided to become a teacher. I went through the normal pathways, studying pedagogy at the University of São Paulo in Brazil and then starting work in public schools teaching elementary.

I was frustrated with the education systems available. The classroom environment, while valuable, has certain limits. Teachers cannot give personalized attention and often have to contend with managing a classroom full of rowdy children rather than being able to provide education that really makes students excited to learn.

I really wanted to find something to supplement classroom education before my children arrived. After some thought, I remembered a project I did for a class, where parents can teach children a new language by exploring together stories and activities from around the world. Together with my husband, Michael, we decided to make this idea a reality.

After countless hours or research, curriculum development, illustration, animation, and much more, we opened Language Penguin to be available as a resource for all.

We hope that this can benefit:

  • Language learners of all ages
  • Educators who want to add more fun elements to their lessons
  • Parents who want to teach their children a second language as they enjoy quality time together.

Our Mission: Give a chance for every child to grow up with a love for learning a second language regardless of the parent's language.

We want children to have fond memories learning a new language with their parents. We hope that this will inspire a lifelong passion for all learning.

Go beyond memorization with research-driven techniques. 

The "Natural Language Learning" Method, Great for Every Age. 

Feel bored when learning a new language? You aren't alone. 

Top challenges with classic language learning

  • Only 7% of foreign language speakers cite school as their main setting for language acquisition.
  • Most common issue: "I am too embarrassed to speak"
  • Even with native speaking parents, most immigrants will lose fluency by the 3rd generation.

The 6 Angles 

The "Natural Language Learning" Method engages the whole brain


Learn through play using games, activities and art, all while accompanied by lovable characters. According to brain researcher John Medina, "We do not pay attention to things that are boring". 


Focus on safe conversation both onscreen and offscreen with peers, friends, and family. Researcher Patricia Kuhl found that our brain is "electrified by face-to-face interaction", especially from age 0-5.


"Stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone." - Jennifer Aaker, Social Psychologist and Professor.

Rather than rote memorization of the individual words, learn in the context of conversations and stories. These when recalled are better imprinted on long-term memory. John Medina explains that if you make memories more complex, you will remember it better. For example, if you associate the word "pie" with your grandma's Thanksgiving pie, you will remember it better.


Animated Pictures and text interwoven to increase language association with visual memory. Research shows that this technique has 65% recall after 3 days while text-only has 10% recall. 


The learning platform slowly immerses you in a target language without the stress and expense of moving to another country. By having to figure out translations on their own at certain moments, students "learn to learn." These self-teaching skills and curiosity become far more valuable in advanced stages of learning the language.


Gamified objectives create a habit-based attachment. When someone accomplishes a challenge, there is a release of dopamine that makes it enjoyable. Gamification allows students to develop a "healthy addiction" for learning.

Bond through play, stories, and quality time when young brains are most absorbent

Specially Designed for Parents and Children to Learn Together!

Parents pass on the foundations of language to their children.

Now parents can pass on something new, even if they don't currently know a second language.

But, what really matters is this: We believe there is no better gift for children that a parent can give than a lasting bond through fond childhood memories together. Researcher Susan Johnson concludes that parental bonds impact the way they view the world and how they bond in every relationship thereafter.

Learning a language opens up new doors of opportunities and friendships. That's a bonus.

Become Smarter and More Successful

Research shows: 

  • 66% of North American Recruiters agreed that being bilingual will be increasingly important in the next 10 years.
  • Bilingual children outperform children who speak only one language in problem-solving and creative skills.
  •  Improves to focus and perform mental tasks. Individuals who learn a second language in adulthood showed a slowdown in cognitive decline and Alzheimer. 

Make new friends, access multinational business opportunities, enrich life, and build self-esteem. 

Free forever on accounts started now, during the beta phase.

Free forever for accounts started now, during the beta phase.


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